1. City Council

    Converse with your council members. The Athens City Council is composed of a single council member from each of the 5 council districts in Athens. They are chosen by election that is held every 4 years.

  2. Court

    Contact the municipal court.

  3. Departments

    Learn how to contact our offices and officials.

  4. Fire

    Contact the Fire Department. Fire and Rescue covers fire suppression, emergency medical care, rescue services and fire prevention services.

  5. Human Resources

    Get in touch with Human Resources if you are currently employed by the city or if you are applying for a position.

  6. Mayor

    Reach out to your mayor, William R. (Ronnie) Marks.

  7. Police

    Contact the police if you are in an emergency or wish to report a crime, or for other services. The Police Department manages traffic control, crime investigation, crime prevention education, and other safety concerns.