1. Adult Softball

    The Athens Men's and Coed Softball League is an United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) sanction league organized by the Athens Parks and Recreation Department.

  2. Youth Baseball

    Find out about youth baseball registration, coaches, equipment, rules, and much more.

  3. Youth Basketball

    The Athens Parks and Recreation is happy to provide a youth basketball league for the citizens of Athens.

  4. Youth Soccer

    Find out more about youth soccer registration, games, playing rules, and more.

  5. Youth Softball

    Athens Youth Softball is a United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) sanction league ran by the Athens Parks & Recreation Department.

  6. Youth Swimming

    Home swim meets are held at the Athens Municipal Pool located in the Athens Sportsplex.

  7. Youth Tennis

    Learn about youth tennis requirements such as racquet specifications, registration, and more.

  8. Youth Volleyball

    Players will be evaluated and drafted based on talent level, not school district.